How do security deposits work and when do I get the money back?

Standard damage/security deposit on a UK license (staying within the UK) is £1000. This increases to £1,500 if you're on a foreign license or leaving the UK. This is typically pre-authorised on a credit card. The money does not leave your account but will be ring-fenced by your bank. If you pay using a debit card, the money will be physically taken. Provided the motorhome is returned in the same state it was when it left, it is full of fuel, the toilet is empty and clean, none of the utensils are missing and it is generally clean and tidy you will receive your full deposit back.

Where a pre-authorisation is not possible, the hirer will need to have the security deposit charged in full to a credit card.

Unless a deduction needs to be made, we aim to get the deposits returned within 10 working days. Whilst the money is ring-fenced we do not hold it, your own bank may need chasing if the pre-authorisation has not been released within 10 working days.

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