What happens if something is damaged or lost?

First of all - don't panic! We want you to have a wonderful motorhome adventure! If the odd glass gets broken, we won't make a fuss.

If you have had an accident or if anything is broken - please inform us ASAP. It is important that we know as soon as possible so that we can look at remedies or arrange for parts to be ordered for when you return. It is natural to perhaps ignore damage, but we do a thorough check of the motorhome when you return and any damage will be located - so it's best to be honest and let us know ASAP. If we find damage that impedes us from being able to turn around the vehicle for following guests, that could have been prevented with notification, you will be subject to the costs of the lost rental.

Motorhomes are big vehicles, so it is important that you treat them with care at all times in order to minimise any worries or upsets. Ultimately you are responsible for the motorhome and its contents, but some simple considerations will reduce the chances of any liabilities.

Things to remember....


You are on holiday - so take your time! 

  • Don't take chances - if it doesn't feel comfortable, ask a passenger to get out and guide you - especially when reversing and turning into smaller spaces.
  • Use the Sat nav provided to give you the best routes to minimise issues with width and height restrictions
  • Cornering - THE HALF TURN RULE! This is where you need to take your time. If you need to turn the steering wheel more than half a turn, use BOTH mirrors. Be careful not to 'chop' the corner by driving a bit further before engaging the steering wheel turn. BUT also use the other mirror to check the 'overhang' As you turn in one direction the back of the motorhome will swing out in the other, so make sure that there are no obstacles, such as cars in a lane next to you.
  • Inclines - be careful of any sharp inclines that might bottom out the back of the vehicle - such as an elevated drive way or ramp. Always ask a passenger to get out and slowly guide you.
  • Avoid areas such as as congestion charge zones and bridge tolls unless you are happy to pay the fees. All parking fines and other driving penalties will be either deducted from the deposit or forwarded on to you to settle directly.


Motorhomes are not houses!

  • In order to keep the weight as low as possible, motorhomes are constructed out of lightweight materials. Therefore take a bit of extra care with the use of the interior furnishings. Don't slam doors or force windows and blinds.
  • Don't force anything like cupboard doors
  • Always secure everything before starting a road trip. imagine if you placed your bedroom or kitchen on a truck and drove it 500 miles - things are going to move! So wrap anything breakable in tea towels and keep to a lower level. 
  • Don't leave cups and plates on the tables when driving


  • We wont charge for any minor scuffs under 2 inches
  • Dents, scratches over 2 inches long and fibreglass damage will be charged for repairs. 

We are completely transparent when it comes to charging for damage repair, we try to make it as painless as possible but there will be some extra costs. We charge you for the cost of the replacement part and the admin time it takes to source it, send it and fit it.

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