I have never driven a motorhome before. Will I be OK?

The majority of our renters have never had a motorhome adventure before, don't panic!!

This is one of the key benefits of renting with Avanti. We publish lots of useful information on our website and will send you guides, tips videos, and articles on how to get the most fun and minimal stress out of your motorhome experience.

Examples of content we will provide you...

  • Tips on what to pack
  • How to book campsites
  • Route ideas
  • Guides to driving and living in your motorhome

Everyone gets a thorough handover and instructed on how everything works before their hire starts: hot water, heating, control panels, gas and electric, bed making. We understand that this could feel overwhelming - that's why we have created our unique Digital Guidebook which you can download onto your phone or tablet prior to your rental so you can get acquainted with all you need to know to make the trip as fun and memorable as possible! And once you are on the road, every motorhome has its own digital guide book tablet with all the info, videos, route ideas and troubleshooting help that you need.  By the second night, you'll be doing it like a pro. If you get stuck the best thing to do is ask someone in a motorhome on your campsite, they'll be only too happy to help. If you're really stuck you can always call us during office hours.

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